Peter I (1844—1921)


King of Serbia from 1903; King of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes from 1918

Peter spent most of his life in in exile. Throughout the almost forty years he spent abroad he never gave up the hope to return to his country one day and take the throne. That dream came true in 1903, when Serbian king Alexander Obrenović was massacred along with his family by a group of officers giving way to the Karađorđević dynasty.

He was a highly pliable person and was kept on short leash by the perpetrators of the regicide until his death. His health never stopped deteriorating and finally he entrusted his son, Prince Alexander with the exercise of power. In 1915 the Central Powers compelled him to flee. Upon his return he lived to see the birth of the United Southern Slavic State, but in practice it was again his son who was taking the decisions.

„A murderer ruling by the Grace of God”
Népszava (a newspaper clalled „People's Voice") June 13, 1903 pp. 1.

 „Remaining faithful to the traditions of the people of Serbia, I will preserve friendly relations with the neighbouring people.”
His address to the Serbian nation in 1903, Pesti Napló (The Pest Diary newspaper) June 26, 1903, pp. 8

 „Speaking Serbian is difficult for me.”
Budapesti Hírlap, August 25, 1903, pp. 11

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